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Planning For A Cheap Transfer In Turkey

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Planning For A Cheap Transfer In Turkey

Travellers plan many details about their trips. However, they usually ignore planning how to get to their hotels from the airport. It is also important part of their trips, indeed. So, it is essential to decide the way of transporting from the airport to the hotel. If you are planning a trip to Turkey, you have various choices of airport transfers.

Big cities

If your flight is to one of the big cities of Turkey such as Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, there are more options. You can take metro, city busses, train, private transport and taxis.

Other cities

If your flight is to the cities apart from the big cities, you can take taxi, private transport or city busses. However, metro isn’t available in most of them.

Shuttle services

Shuttle services are provided in all airports. Once you book one of them, a special car and driver will be ready at your arrival time at the airport. Both shared and private shuttles are provided. If you want a comfortable transport, you have special conditions, you can prefer private shuttles. If budget is important for you and you are travelling on your own with little stuff, shared shuttle will be a considerable choice.

Advantages of Booking Shuttles

There are many advantages of booking shuttles. Once you book, you can get to your hotel by paying less and in a shorter time. So, you can save your money and time. Otherwise, you may need to pay much amounts to the taxi especially in late times.

These services offer low rates and you won’t pay booking fees. Booking shuttles is an affordable option.

Shuttle services in Turkey are reliable. Professional drivers will pick up you from the airport and you will be guided by them until you reach your hotel. Consequently, you can prefer shuttle services for fast, cheap and reliable transport.

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