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Frequently Ask Questions of Sunshuttle

Last minutes bookings?
Our website will allow you to book your chosen transfer up to 24 hours prior to departure. If you require a transfer inside 24 hours please call on Reservations: +90 546 547 0777 and we will do our best to accommodate your requirements.

I have not received a confirmation e-mail?
This can be caused due to a couple of reasons.
A) Sometimes there is a problem with spam filter. Please check your spam folder as it seems to resolve most cases. This applies particularly when you have a gmail, hotmail or yahoo e-mail account.
B) Check if you have typed the e-mail correctly.If nothing helps just email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible (usually in a couple of hours).

What happens if my arrival flight is delayed?
Your driver will be informed and vehicle rescheduled.

What happens when I make a reservation?
Once you complete your SunSHuttles.com booking , the details of the booking are sent electronically to our data base and we will make the appropriate arrangements as per your request.

How do I collect my transfer upon arrival?
Once you have completed your on-line booking you will automatically receive a screen confirmation together with an email giving you exact instructions for meeting your driver or vehicle.

What happens if I cancel my holiday? Can I have a refund?
You may cancel your booking at any time and cancellation charges may apply. Our cancel&Change policy can be found on the terms and conditions section of the website.

What happens if I cannot find my driver at the airport?
Firstly call the telephone number as per your booking confirmation, where our advisors will direct you to your driver. In the event of difficulty call the SunShuttles.com reservations number (or the emergency number if outside hours) and they will assist you further.

Can I change the date of my transfer?
Yes, subject to availability and our changing conditions.

What does the price include? Do you offer discounted rates for children or babies?
A one-way price will include a single journey, either from your arrival airport, to your accommodation or from your accommodation to your departure airport. A return booking includes both the arrival and departure transfer from airport to accommodation upon arrival and from accommodation to airport on departure. Unless stated otherwise, individual taxis will accommodate up to four passengers. On private transfers, infants and children do count as one person as they take up a seat belt place. We recommend parents take their own child seats to ensure adequate safety in foreign countries. As with car rental policy it is also the parent’s responsibility to fit the seat. Most airlines do not charge for the carriage of child seats and pushchairs. There is no charge for infants aged under 2 years who are travelling on shared shuttle services, provided that they do not require their own seat(providing they sit on an adults lap, and do not occupy the front seats of the vehicle). Children aged three and over will occupy a seat and therefore will be charged for a seat. We strongly recommend parents take their own child seats to ensure adequate safety in foreign countries and to comply with local legislation. As with car rental policy it is also the parents responsibility to fit the seat. Most airlines do not charge for the carriage of child seats and pushchairs. We do not always have the facility locally to provide infant or child seats in our vehicles.

If I have left belongings in the transfer vehicle – how do I get them back?
All Lost Property queries are handled by our Customer Service team. On your return home, if you have left items behind on your return transfer, please email us on info(at)SunShuttles.com with your Sunshuttles.com booking reference number and details of the items you’ve left in the vehicle. We’ll endeavour to trace your property and, if found, return it to you as quickly as possible. An administration fee of €45.00 minimum will be charged for returning your items to you.If you leave property in a transfer vehicle on arrival, you may call the contact number provided on your SunShuttles.com booking confirmation. We will attempt to trace your property and, if found, give you the address where you may collect it. Any expense incurred in recovering your lost property is entirely your responsibility.SunShuttles.com regrets that we cannot be held responsible for items left on our vehicles that cannot be found.

How much luggage can I take? I have lots of luggage,golf bags,wheel chair etc. Will there be room?
Each passenger has an obligation to inform us of such items by email or fax and we will make the necessary arrangements. Most taxis are able to accommodate a suitcase and piece of hand luggage per person. (Up to 4 passengers per taxi, children and babies count – except in certain destinations where the maximum is 3 passengers – select your required resort for full details of taxi & minibus capacity). If you are travelling with excess luggage for example pushchairs, wheelchairs, golf clubs, skis or any other out of the ordinary items, it is imperative we are made aware as extra charges maybe applicable. Failure to do so will result in additional charges incurred by the passengers locally. We do not charge and do cater for non-motorised wheelchairs.

What are the SunShuttles Reservation & Emergency contact numbers?
Reservations:0 546 547 0777 (within TR) , +90 546 547 0777 (outside of TR) – available every day 09:00 – 18:00 Mon to Sat and Closed on Sundays (GMT, for Europe – 1 hour) Emergency: The emergency number is +90 546 547 0777 which will be printed on your documentation as well.

Do I have to share a vehicle with other people?Is the transfer direct or do we stop on route?
Private transfers are allocated for you, direct and door-to-door.
Shared transfers may stop to either pickup or drop off other clients on route.

SunShuttles.com hold full public liability insurance as do all of our vehicle. We do however recommend that you hold a valid insurance policy for the duration of your trip.

Is it possible to place an order for third parties?
Yes. When ordering, make sure that your phone number
and the email belonged precisely to the passenger, not to you. Thus, he will be able to receive an order confirmation, as well as an SMS message with the details of the meeting.

Can I get an invoice?
Yes, we can prepare an invoice in the name of you or your company.You need to contact with us accordingly!

What if my outbound flight is cancelled or changed?
If your outbound flight is cancelled please call the emergency number of our office, which you can find on your booking confirmation. By advising them of the flight cancellation and any new details of your arrival, they will be able to reschedule your transfer. Please note extra costs may apply should the new arrival time attract more than 5 hours or there has been an airport change.

What happens if my holiday details change prior to departure?
If your details change prior to departure simply contact us on Reservations: 0 546 547 0777 (within TR) +90 546 547 0777 (outside of TR) or email us and we will amend the details accordingly. You will be responsible for any increase in the transfer price if the new resort/hotel is further away from the airport.

How long will I have to wait at the airport?
Your private transfer vehicle will normally be at the airport for the scheduled arrival time of your flight. We monitor flight arrival times so as to be waiting for you when you arrive.No Wait!
Shuttle clients will always be put on the next available transfer. Customers should not expect to wait more than 60 minutes for the next available transfer. Occasionally, due to circumstances beyond our control, such as flight delays, you may have to wait a little longer before the shuttle vehicle departs – especially during peak season in airports.

What is your policy on drunken/abusive behaviour?
SunShuttles.com reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and/or whose behaviour is considered to be abusive and could pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle or the other passenger(s).

What is your smoking policy?
SunShuttles.com operate a complete non smoking policy in all vehicles used.

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