4 Places to Go in Mediterranean Turkey

4 Places to Go in Mediterranean Turkey

Turkey is well known for Istanbul, its biggest city as well as Mediterranean coast as there are lovely beaches, fresh air and a beautiful landscape along the coast. Because of that, Mediterranean Turkey is the first choice of many travellers who like warm weather, sun and sea. In this article, we have gathered 4 popular places to go in Mediterranean Turkey.

1- Fethiye

Fethiye is a small and calm town nearby the sea. It is also an ancient city. The geography of this town has been shaped during ages. The best season to visit Fethiye is summer. There is a warm weather, fresh air and sun. People go there for swimming and also doing water sports, parasailing and paragliding. Consequently, Fethiye is the first choice of many travellers who like sunbathing, calm place and water sports.

2- Iztuzu Beach - Dalyan

Iztuzu Beach is a great place for sunbathing as it is a long beach. Water is also warm that makes swimming enjoyable. Besides, Iztuzu Beach is famous for sea turtles that are known as “Caretta”. They leave their eggs on this beach. Dalyan is another popular place in the area. People go there for bathing in mud that is believed to have benefits for health.

3- Kas

Kas is another popular destination in Mediterranean Turkey. Although there isn’t a popular beach in the town, it is famous for its location. As it is located near the mountain, it is an appropriate place for doing extreme sports like canyoning, rock climbing and paragliding.  If you are interested in such sports, you can prefer Kas as your holiday destination.

4- Oludeniz - the Blue Lagoon

Oludeniz is about 10 kilometers far from Fethiye. The name of the place means “dead sea” that refers to the calmness of the sea in the area. However, you shouldn’t think that the sea is dead. There is a wonderful landscape with mountains, sea and beach. There is fresh air, clean sea and beach. Paragliding is made at the top of the mountains. If you like adventure, you can try doing paragliding or you can lie on the beach, enjoy the beautiful sea and see people doing paragliding.