8 Important Things to Know Before Visiting Turkey

8 Important Things to Know Before Visiting Turkey

Turkey is one of the popular countries that attract tourists. There are many tourist attractions, natural beauties, historical places, beautiful beaches and more. The country is located between Asia and Europe. There are much things to do in this beautiful country. If you are planning to visit, we gathered 8 important things to know before visiting Turkey. Here we go:

1- National Language

Turkish is the national language that is spoken in the country. If you are one of its big cities like Istanbul, Ankara or Izmir, you can find many local people who can speak English. But if you are visiting rural areas, you may hardly find someone who speaks English. So, you should know some Turkish words.

2- Is Visa Required?

While visa is required for countries, it is not required for some of them. So, you should have a look at your country’s foreign affairs website and find Turkey. There you can find information about visa.

3- What Time Of Year Is Best To Travel?

You can travel to Turkey any season as there are many activities that can be done in each season. However, best time depends on the purpose of your travel. Summer will be the best choice if you are coming for sea and sunbathing to the south costs. If your purpose is to ski, you should prefer winter. Apart from these, there is a mild weather in spring and autumn. You can go to cities like Istanbul to see historical places.

4- Are Prices Expensive?

When compared to America and Europe, prices are much more cheaper in Turkey. Whether you buy a souvenir, accommodate, eat or drink something outside, prices are good. While there are higher prices in city centers and touristic places, they are lower in rural areas.

5- What Is The Currency?

Turkish Lira (TRY) is used as a currency in the country. You can exchange your money in exchange offices. However, payment via euro or dollar are accepted by some hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops so that you can spend your own currency directly.

6- What Should Wear?

You don’t have to wear a particular type of cloth in the country. Although most of the population is Muslim, there are no restrictment about clothing. Women need to cover their heads and men must wear pants only if they want to enter a mosque. 

7- Is It Safe?

It is safe to travel to Turkey. Of course, some unwanted situations occur. But these kinds of situations may occur in any place in the world. So, it is wise to take precautions before you visit Turkey as well as any other country.

8- How is Turkish Cuisine?

Turkish cuisine is one of the popular cuisines around the world. Turkish meals are liked by many tourists. Especially if you like meat, you will like meat-heavy meals. But if you are vegetarian, you will also find many restaurants that serve vegetarian meals. There are popular meals in each region. You should try popular meals of the region you that you visit.